Homecoming Medallion Hunt

The hunt for the mysterious and oh so illusive medallion is on again at North Dakota State, and here is what we know so far:

Students get to channel their inner Sherlock Holmes and Bruce Wayne by becoming amateur detectives. The only tools they have of solving this great mystery is through the use of daily clues the Student Activities Office posts on their website.

And the clues that have been released as of Sept. 27 are as cryptic as ever.

Some people view me as art. 

I have a twin and we both live on the south side of campus.

I wish more people noticed me.

The medallion isn’t in a building, isn’t buried underground, isn’t in any construction zones, isn’t in any area of campus that you couldn’t normally get to and is on the Main Campus.

Any further questions about the medallion hunt should be directed to the Student Activities Office. They will not give you the location of the medallion, but will provide helpful information if your questions are logical and relevant to the hunt.

If you happen to be the clever Bison that finds the medallion, please return it to the Campus Attractions office in the Memorial Union. Also, the group of students or students that finds the medallion will receive gift cards to local restaurants Kayla Johnson, the medallion hunt coordinator, said.

The medallion hunt originated in 2006 and previous locations have included a water gutter, the orange tractor by the Agriculture buildings, in the babbling brook, by the softball fields, in the park next to the C lot, outside Bentson Bunker Fieldhouse and many others said Johnson.

Sorry professors, faculty and staff but the medallion hunt is only open to NDSU students.

Happy hunting.

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