Break up with your partner

Valentine’s Day is the most overrated holiday.

As Ariana Grande once said, “Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored.” I could not agree more with this sentiment. In the spirit of this bold statement, there are multiple things to note about this holiday. 

Full disclosure: I am in a happy relationship. However, that does not mean that I cannot see through the superficial layers plastered onto every red flag I see this time of year. 

First, hearing how my friends talk about their partners makes me incredibly concerned. Very rarely do I hear about a genuinely healthy relationship. The bar that people are setting for their standards is on the actual floor, and the people that they are trying to date have brought shovels. 

Telling your partner that they look nice or even remembering to text them first is the bare minimum. If you think you deserve better, chances are you probably do. You deserve to be treated like the incredible person you are. Never settle for less. 

Valentine’s Day should not be the only day for this to happen either. If your partner wanted to treat you right and go above and beyond, they would. 

If you think you deserve better, chances are you probably do.

Second, Valentine’s Day has been reduced to nothing more than a capitalist holiday. Besides being force-fed the cheesy rom coms with basic endings, it is all about buying your partner something expensive as a gift. 

Chocolates, flowers, Hallmark cards and stuffed animals have their prices jacked up to prey on the cultural expectations of the holiday. Showing the world that you love someone is one of the best things you can do, but do not do it just to show your friends on Instagram that your partner is richer than theirs. 

Third, I strongly believe that people are choosing to make a big deal out of the wrong February holiday. Sure, you can get discounted chocolate on Feb. 15, but Groundhog Day is superior. When I was in high school, I had a teacher that made dressing up as a groundhog her tradition.

I am talking about a full, furry outfit with buck teeth that would be worn for the whole day. Quite frankly, I strive to be as cool as she is and stand up for what I believe in. Really think about it, would you rather have a commercial holiday about hearts or a magic animal that predicts the weather and lives forever?

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