Herd & Horns Collaborates with Campus


In five months of business, Herd & Horns has made some changes; the 14,000 students across the street are to blame.

The North Dakota State-themed restaurant bar opened in late August and has since undergone changes in management, student deals and meat supply. Manager Justin Larocque said the restaurant saw a lot of college students at first, but now working adults are the main demographic.

“We’re seeing the construction workers coming in. We’re seeing the bankers coming in,” Larocque said. “Just a wide variety of the working class.”

To cater to students, Herd & Horns reworked its student deals to satisfy students’ and the restaurant’s budgets.

“You want to get the best deal,” Larocque said. “As a former student … I do know that college students, just like I was, are on a tighter budget. … I was broke as s—t as a college student.”

Management brainstormed a college ID menu, with meal deals ranging from $1 fountain pop to a $7 pulled pork sandwich and fries. Various price points offer something different for both food and drink, such as $3 for any domestic beer to $5 Thunderstrucks, a Drekker Brewing product for drinks deals.

As for food, Larocque said Herd & Horns reached out to NDSU meat science.

“You come in here and it’s NDSU on the seats. It’s an NDSU bar,” he said. “We wanted to find a way to further integrate our business with the university.”

Since early January, NDSU meat science has supplied ground beef for Herd & Horns’ burgers. The relationship has potential to expand in the future, Larocque said.

“We’ll look at adding as they feel comfortable,” he said.

As for lacking the amount of student traffic management would like to see, Larocque said the previous student deals could have had a lot to do with it, and also the misunderstanding that Herd & Horns is a 21+ bar.

“We’re family friendly all the way up the scale,” he said. “All ages, all day, every day.”

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