The Happiness Project Review: Part 1

I started reading a book recently called “The Happiness Project,” written by Gretchen Rubin, in hopes to find a new and improved contentment in my life.

From what I have read so far I do believe that if we are capable of focusing our energy on finding what we need in order to obtain a happier spirit, we will, indeed, become happier people.

Rubin runs a blog about her life in general and has many findings on what affects a person’s attitude.

“Project” is based on months of change instead of changing everything all at once. This process makes sense because discovering happiness is a process, not some switch that you can flip on and off whenever you so chooses.

However, your mindset does play a very large part in finding a new happiness.

The introduction to the book states obvious changes to your daily life that will soon lead to a happier way of living — ideas like waking up in the morning and getting a good breakfast, or possibly taking time to get in some physical exercise or meditation.

The release of endorphins early in the day will automatically brighten your mind and body. Even something as simple as stretching can cause a quaint bounce in your step leading to a lift in your day.

Set aside time to do things you used to love about your day, but tell yourself that you don’t have time anymore.

Growing up and become proper “adults” puts a real damper on our days, and we tend to forget that we can make time for ourselves. We can make time to do something full of art and love in order to better our minds. We just, first, need to find what that thing may be.

Throughout the process of my own happiness project and analyzing each monthly chapter, I hope to find a new happiness that maybe has gone missing or perhaps I didn’t even know I had.

I hope to find a new twinkle in my soul, since the one I had as a child seems to have dimmed considerably. I hope that by following along with my discoveries each week you, too, are able to create a happier you.

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