Gun Control for Dummies

I am not going to pretend that I know every answer out there. Although let’s be honest, I think we all know pathways that would cause change.

Gun control: it is one of the most polarizing issues facing this country today. Basically, taboo in almost any conversation and shakes people to their very core. Emotions run high, which makes total sense because no one is having the conversation right.

Is this the time to get Twitter famous and shame half the country and call Trump a murderer? Is this the time to walk around with AR-15s and tell elementary school teachers to arm themselves against an assault rifle attack and walk around with your huge raging hero boners thinking you yourself will stop a god damn AR-15 with your pistol? For f— sakes, you bloody idiots, no.

It is time to drop the politics and have an intelligent conversation. There are literally lunatics gunning down children in schools with death machines and you want to jump on your soapbox and preach your agenda?

Look, buddy, you can hump the Second Amendment all you want, but let’s be clear, it isn’t more important than progressive legislation that could stop mass murderers. And listen, liberal America, most people want exactly what you really want. But you have to stop equating responsible gun owners to mass murderers; they are completely different types of people.

We all want automatic weapons to be unattainable by those mentally unfit for having them. And frankly the counter-argument, “Well they will get it either way;” well, sure, maybe in some cases, but don’t you want to make it just slightly harder for a mass murderer you prick?

Is it possible that perhaps better background checks could stop one killer? Isn’t that worth it alone?

How will having mental checks affect any good, responsible gun owners like possibly you reading this? You might have an assault rifle for fun. Perhaps you enjoy shooting it once a year, have a gun safe and are totally responsible. How will better background checks and vetting affect you?

It is the future school shooters that should be f—ing shivering in their trench coats. You know, the guys we are trying to stop?

Don’t think it’s just half the country having this conversation wrong. You, a Twitter famous idiot who enjoys the clapping emoji and the Beyoncé clapping GIF, are just as awful at this. How is preaching your opinions to a vast group of people who agree with everything you say affecting anything?

How does you getting retweets and starting shouting matches behind a computer screen help anything? You are doing nothing. Stop pretending you are doing anything productive.

Instead, call your senator, or better yet, perhaps research who you vote for beyond the president and vice president. Government starts at the local level. Vote for people who listen to you and refuse to be bought by large companies.

Look, I promise you, telling half the country they are idiots and pushing your own agenda is cancerous to anything productive. It isn’t helping the next group of victims. Just accept you are all idiotic donkeys, drop your politics and be the damn adults you are.

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