Grant’s Grub: Rhombus Guys

Downtown pizza joint offers stellar rooftop eats

Rhombus Guys Facebook | Photo Courtesy
The rooftop is currently open from noon to close every evening.

While it may go without saying, great pizza is hard to come by in the Midwest. Yet every so often there’s that one needle in a haystack that’s worth sharing with others. Rhombus Guys is that needle.

As a small chain with only one other location in Grand Forks, Rhombus Guys aims to focus on quality food towards a smaller area rather than expansion and losing their touch. While the business was started by two 18-year-olds in the spring of 2002, Rhombus Guys has expanded into something greater than they could have ever imagined.

While the COVID-19 pandemic was certainly a struggle for the team, they have reopened to full capacity and are thriving now more than ever. Rhombus Guys has delivered on its mission to bring great pizza to the Midwest at an affordable price.

Immediately upon entering, the layout offers the hometown feel of Fargo with the smell of a hole-in-the-wall pizza dive. The staff was more than friendly to a newcomer such as myself and were more than happy for me to ask about the availability of their seasonal rooftop.

The rooftop view is beautiful to say the least. There’s no greater place to admire Downtown Fargo on a cool summer evening. Equipped with plenty of seating and umbrellas as well as an outdoor bar, the ambiance nearly distracts the biggest of foodies from what they came for — the pizza.

The menu offers a plethora of pizzas and gourmet sandwiches, both traditional and more experimental — a list that never seems to end. Ranging from Chicken Alfredo to Chipotle Steak Supreme, few pizza joints offer such a wide range of high-quality food.

For the forward-thinking vegetarians out there that may not prefer an abundance of meat in their meal, Rhombus Guys also offer a handful of non-meat pizzas, including the Drunken Vegetarian and The Backpacker.

The Rhombus Guys pizzas range in sizes that are perfect for anyone no matter the group. Offered in four sizes, the 8” personal pizza is perfect for someone having their own, yet they can be made as large as 18” for a small group, with sizes in between for a romantic date out on the town.

Rhombus Guys Website | Photo Courtesy
The Mediterranean is yet another one of their hit menu items.

When I ordered the Blue Heaven, I hadn’t the slightest clue what to expect from them. Based on the description, it was essentially a bleu cheese-covered steak on top of a pizza. Instantly upon the first bite, however, my expectations were blown away. Between the perfect blend of bleu cheese, steak, bacon and cheeses, it instantly turned Rhombus Guys into a repeat restaurant.

Aside from food, Rhombus Guys also has a noteworthy list of drinks for those looking for a nice pairing with their evening rooftop meal. Outside of the lengthy beer and wine menus that pair well with a pizza, they also offer high-end cocktails at surprisingly affordable pricing. This place is what college dreams are made of. Whether it be a Gimlet, Manhattan or Old Fashioned, most of these drinks are available for just $7.

With an enthusiastic staff, a stellar view of our beloved community and unforgettable food, it’s clear that Rhombus Guys is here to stay. Nevertheless, any local college student that has yet to go should view this diamond in the rough as a necessity for a good time out.

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