Good to the Last Drop

The c2cup, a coffee cup made principally from coffee waste.

c2renew has made environmental sustainability ironic.

According to the EPA, 75 percent of the materials we use and throw away can be recycled. One method used to repurpose waste is biocomposite production, in which natural fibers are combined with a resin to produce a sturdy and versatile material. Biocomposite materials are renewable, inexpensive and biodegradable.

c2renew is a local biocomposite company, founded in 2012 by Corey Kratcha, an NDSU graduate.

Based in Colfax, N.D., the company produces a variety of unique biocomposite products, including a biodegradable soil sensor and a 3D printer filament synthesized from beer byproducts, aptly named “Buzzed.”

Recently, however, c2renew designed a product any frazzled college student could appreciate: the c2cup.

In short, the c2cup is a coffee cup made from coffee. c2renew created the first c2cup using a 3D printer and a filament made from coffee waste and a biodegradable resin.

In 2015, c2renew crowdfunded over $20,000 using Kickstarter. c2renew used the funds to design a tool that works similarly to a 3D printer, but can produce more c2cups quicker. The first c2cups were released in December 2015. They became a sensation among coffee enthusiasts overnight.

Since its initial release, the popularity of the c2cup has only grown. Keep an eye out for it; after all, how often do you get to drink coffee from coffee?

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