‘Good Grief’ Filled With Glorious Sounds

Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, the leading vocals for Lucius, generate incredible feeling in their audience through incredible vocals.

Brooklyn band Lucius’ first album “Wildewoman” wowed with its raw vocals, spunky sound and the two amazing women leading the charge.

It’s always interesting to see if a band’s second album will carry the same energy as the first. Luckily, the legacy of “Wildewoman” was sustained by Lucius’ second release, “Good Grief.”

“Good Grief” has the same vibrance, fantastic melodies and genuine lyrics as its predecessor. Here are a few of the album’s standout tracks.


The first song of the album starts slowly, adding an increasing number of instruments. A cappella leads into strings and drums start to tap out a beat. Guitars, synthesizers and Jess Wolfe leading the vocals crescendo, with Holly Laessig for backup.

The two describe a psychedelic dream and the music creates the perfect colorful and strange atmosphere.

“My Heart Got Caught on Your Sleeve”

Almost like a letter to an old lover, this song is slow and bittersweet. The deadly combination of piano and mournful voices just shoots you through the heart. Tremendous emotion dips and swells throughout the song, with the climax resembling almost a beg.

The song ends with a whisper and a beautiful finishing note.

“Almighty Gosh”

This song kicks off with the same beat as a summer melody with synthetic strings and a drum beat. Punctuating the music with crisp voices, Lucius lets the harmony be at the center of this piece. At the end, Wolfe and Laessig’s voices blend with the music to make one sound, cutting it off with a simple “sh.” This transition perfectly leads into the next song.

“Born Again Teen”

My favorite song of the record, and probably the most popular, “Born Again Teen” is the poppy feature of this album. Catchy and energetic, you have no choice but to sing along. Whether you’re jamming out in your car or harmonizing in the shower, this song can accompany you through the greatest parts of being young.

Banging drums, zinging synthesizers and the clash of Wolfe and Laessig’s sweet voices with the metallic backup singers will get you moving and grooving.

“Dusty Trails”

The album concludes with the apt potential for a journey. This is my favorite part of the band: while they can create fun and sadness, the most defining feature of their music is its contemplation worthy of the best musical ballads. Punctuating drums, a gentle guitar and the slow vocals create an excitement for the unknown. “Dusty Trails” reminds us of the beauty that lies on the road ahead, telling us that, “Dusty trails can lead you to a golden road.”

“Good Grief” is available on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon from Mom+Pop records.

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