Gaming News: ‘Apex Legends,’ Disappointment and an Ill-fated ‘Fortnite’ Festival

Twitch Prime members get to don a new skin for the lovable robot Pathfinder.

Every week things happen in the gaming industry. Sometimes way too much comes out in a week, which makes it hard to keep track of it all. This is not one of those weeks.

Without further ado, here is a rundown of everything that happened in gaming last week.


Bioware’s highly anticipated multiplayer looter shooter “Anthem” was released early last week. However, it is only available to those who pay for a subscription on top of the $60 they already spent for the game.

The game released to those select few to a very lukewarm reception. People felt like the game was soulless and not up to Bioware’s standards. While this may be true, they did not win anyone over when people had to endure long loading times.

The full game apparently is plagued with loading screen after loading screen. And these aren’t quick loading screens at that. People have been siting for large amounts of time waiting for the game to load, only to be greeted by more loading screens when they want to accomplish the simplest things.

There have been reports of countless bugs and crashes and even some infinite loading screens. Luckily, Bioware is responding with a massive “Day One” patch, which is technically a “Day Six” patch given the weird release schedule, pushed to players on the game’s official release date. Hopefully, this will help fix some problems and make the game look better in the eyes of gamers.

‘Apex Legends’

The widely popular battle royale game by Respawn Entertainment, “Apex Legends” is receiving some new content.

Anyone who has Twitch Prime, which is given to users if they are signed up for Amazon Prime, can redeem some nice in-game rewards, starting Feb. 25.

With just a simple click and linking of accounts, players can receive a purple Pathfinder skin and five “Apex packs.”

Apex packs are filled with cosmetic items like new skins and emotes. The purple skin looks pretty nice, but it may also paint a target on your back because everyone will know you have Twitch Prime.

A new gun called “Havoc” is also coming to “Apex Legends.” The in-game weapon was quickly teased on Twitter a day before it was officially added to the game.

Also, because of the popularity of “Apex Legends,” a very unrelated virtual reality (VR) game called “Apex Construct” received a massive boost in sales with people confusing the VR game for the free-to-play battle royale. Yes, they were paying real money for a game they thought was the free-to-play game.

Unlicensed festival

An unlicensed “Fortnite” festival took place, and it did not go well for the company. The festival was a train wreck, leaving people greatly disappointed.

There was apparently a climbing wall, four go-karts and a four-person archery range with 3,000 attendees. Entry to the festival cost $16. If you wanted to use any of the attractions, it cost $26. It even cost money to be allowed to play “Fortnite” at the unlicensed festival.

Needless to say, Epic Games, the developer and publisher of “Fortnite,” didn’t like it, and the company closed its doors in the face of the lawsuit. The irony of Epic Games suing another company for using their intellectual property was not lost on some players, as they themselves are currently being sued for stealing dance moves.

Every week is different, however, and some more interesting than the last. So, stay tuned for next week’s rundown.

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