Galentines instead of Valentines

A day to celebrate female friendship

As Leslie Knopp would say, “Galentines Day is the best day of the year.” It’s a day to celebrate strong female friendship and the things that bring women closer together.

If you’re a college student like me; you probably grew up watching the movies, “A Cinderella Story,” “The Notebook” or the plethora of animated Disney Princess movies. In each of these movies, there’s an integral part of a woman’s life that’s not shown, and that’s the ability to have strong female friendships.

From the moment we were old enough to watch PG-rated movies we watched time and time again the girl being swept off her feet by a man and often times; the outdated idea of other women being the “competition” was slowly ingrained into our teenage mind.

But the reality is this; we live in a society (specifically the United States) where the majority of laws are now meant to treat us equally. Sorry for the future Jane Austen you don’t have to write about securing a “good” husband. We don’t need to rely on that person’s wealth or social status, we can make that ourselves.

I used to find great solace in the compliment, “You’re unique you’re not like the other girls.” But now I’m old enough to realize; I want to be like the other girls. Having female friendships are a necessity and are incredible.

So on this Valentine’s Day, why not celebrate Galentine’s Day instead, for all the hard-working, independent and strong female friendships out there and that do exist (despite the now-dated movies).

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