Furry Friends| Jamus and Flapjack

No health issues can compare to the love from a forever home

Two 7-year-old animals are looking for their forever home at Homeward Animal Shelter. Their health issues may sound scary, but their love and cuddles will make you forget about any medicine. Adopting a pet is a commitment that they want and need.

Jamus wants some peace and quiet and a forever home.


Meet Jamus, a 7-year-old Schnauzer/poodle mixed male. He arrived at Homeward Animal Shelter Jan. 17.

Unfortunately, he has severe skin allergies that have caused him to have some missing hair in some spots. But do not let this deter you; he is still adorable. He needs some special food and medicine, due to his allergies, but his affection will be worth it.

If you are someone who likes their quiet time, Jamus is perfect for you. He prefers the quiet because he is startled by loud noises.

He loves to go outside and roll around, so he’ll give you some playtime. Give Jamus some time to warm up to you, and before you know it he will be licking your face and wanting to become your snuggle buddy.

He would love a forever home with anyone wanting to take the time to get to know him.

Look at those eyes. You can’t deny Flapjack is cute.


Meet Flapjack, a 7-year-old domestic shorthaired orange and white tabby. He arrived at Homeward Animal Shelter Dec. 28, 2018.

He loves to cuddle in the warm sunshine and take a nice long nap. He is patient with others and adores anyone he meets. He likes his relaxation rather than running around like a young kitten.

He is a diabetic, but takes his shots every 12 hours with ease. It’s not as scary as it sounds, and he is totally worth it.

Go meet him at the shelter and he will charm you into a forever home.

Visit Homewardonline.org for more information.

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