‘Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare’ new quality of life update

More battle maps, better graphics and more loot

While there are multiple positives with the update, the lack of vehicles is a disappointment.

As the semester is ending and finals are in the very near future, a little good news is welcome. Another wonderful quality of life update from KK Game Studio for “Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare” arrived on Dec 6.

This new update is packed with neat little items that have made the game more of a joy to play. This new stuff includes more battle maps, noticeably improved graphics, increased gains of items and experience and more.

Battle maps

Four new battle maps allow for more variation in combat. These new maps have made tactical combat more important than ever. The new maps appear to be more hilly and rugged than their already established counterparts.

Instead of lining soldiers up on the high ground to fire down into the enemy, the new maps force flanking and ambush tactics to be of necessity. From my own personal gameplay, I have made sure to keep some troops on the flanks of where I think the enemy is. Then, when they come to attack my larger group, my hidden squads smash right into their formation and leave none standing.

Better graphics

There are now even better graphics for the environments, in and out of combat. The campaign map looks more vivid and with more depth. The island of Cherniv is more conquerable than ever. This patch also added better impact effects from bullets. This has made combat more intense as incoming rounds send clouds of dust into the air when they hit the dirt near your character.

Difficulty indicator

In the last patch, there was the addition of the auto-resolve system. This has made battles with lesser factions and armies not so much of a chore. While it is fun to plow into an army of looters with an extremely skilled and powerful army, it is also fun to quickly crush them with a button rather than potentially wasting resources in boots on the ground fight.

With the addition of a difficulty indicator, this now adds a win percentage alongside the auto-resolve button as well as including the difficulties of armies on the campaign map. This has made choosing who and how to fight much easier because sometimes a tactical withdrawal can be better than a pyrrhic victory.

Rearrange items

A smaller, yet no less important feature that came with 1.3, is an organization system within your inventory. Now you can organize loot into useful profit and garbage piles. This will make trips to merchants more efficient, thus allowing for the slaughtering of more looters and gaining more loot to sell.

Increased experience and more

In tandem with the new efficiency of the organization system, more can be gained from destroying Looter and Mountain Bandit armies. This does not mean it is easier to level-up or become the King of Cherniv by killing only looters. This just means there is a greater return on investment for attacking an army of looters or Bandits.

Difficulty decrease for outlaw factions

Now outlaw factions such as Looters, Armored Bandits, Mountain Bandits, Pirates, Robbers, et cetera are easier to get rid of. Personally, I feel that this is an important thing to have been added.

I should not be losing my highly trained and equipped troops to poorly trained and under-equipped bandits. This patch only affects the health and skills of Outlaw groups and not the power of their weapons, so I feel that is one that improves the gameplay rather than simply making it easier.


Once again, I am impressed with the work that KK Game Studio has put into their game. Unfortunately, there is one thing I would like to state about “Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare” and it’s future. Particularly, a future lacking vehicle for armies.

Recently, I got into contact with Tina, one of the developers for Freeman, and asked about the future of vehicle combat for “Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare.”

She said, “vehicles will not be in the game.” This is unfortunate because the vehicle combat update was amazing before they took the vehicles out shortly after release.

Nevertheless, “Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare” is a fun, tactical shooter that allows for intense firefights, a goal to conquer an island and a future update that will allow for modding of the game.

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