‘Freeman Gorilla Warfare’ improved

Update 0.80 brings new features and problems

KK GAME STUDIO | Photo Courtesy

“Freeman Guerrilla Warfare,” by KK Game Studio, was updated last week with many additions and fixes to the base game, as well as two minor patches in the previous few days.

The downside to this new update was that the developers took out content from the game while putting the new stuff in. Some players are upset about this because it appears the developers have regressed in the development process.

The reasoning behind this decision is because things in the last major update, like the vehicles, do not work with this latest update. They have taken them out of the game entirely to work on improving them to be released later down the road.

Another problem that appeared with this latest update was many new bugs and glitches being introduced. This is something that always happens with nearly every single large update to games in general, and even more so with an independent project like this with a small development team.

While many issues have appeared with this last update, plenty of new features were released that many players have been wanting since the last big update going all the way back to October 2018. Here is a list of the more exciting content added by this overhaul update.

Improved combat AI

The artificial intelligence (AI) has been greatly enhanced since the last update. Enemy units as well as the player’s own troops will now seek cover, look for high-ground, try to be sneakier and will attempt to flank.

Improved graphics

The graphics of “Freeman Guerrilla Warfare” have once again been enhanced. KK Game Studio has increased the texture quality and lighting, among other things, to make the game look more realistic.

More in-depth city management system

Rather than selecting a few options from a menu, upgrading cities is now a more personal experience. Cities now have access to a wide variety of buildings and upgrades. Libraries, wineries, fish ponds, airports, hotels and more have been added. These new buildings will have certain effects on owned cities, depending on what was built.

Better city siege/defense mechanism

Instead of just mindlessly killing hordes of enemy combatants, there are now flags in cities and towns that need to be defended or captured, depending on which side of the siege you are on. This means a small army has a chance to capture an enemy city from a larger force. That is if they can get to the flags of course.

Added interactive locations

A variety of new locations now exist on the map. Villages can be used to sell and buy supplies and as a place to recruit mercenaries to join your army of freedom fighters. Bandit camps, house looters, bandits and brigands now need to be dealt with. Mines can be searched for supplies to sell to villages, towns and cities.

Ability to join combat

In earlier versions of the game, armies could not help each other out. In this update, if the player sees an opportune moment, such as saving an allied faction’s army from annihilation or swooping in at the end of a battle to get some loot, they can do so. Of course, the other factions can do this too.

New faction

An all-female faction called the Valkyrie Female Army has entered the fray. This will just add to the chaos of an already chaotic world of roving armies hell-bent on conquering whatever they can.

These are the more exciting features in this last update. Other features include improved sound effects, a remade user interface, new weapons, clothing, armor and new troop stats.

While update 0.80 has had a rocky start, the developers are listening to the community surrounding “Freeman Guerrilla Warfare” and are attempting to fix the problems that have come with it. KK Game Studio has a good history with this project and has a clear goal to get this game out of early access and into the full version market.

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