Food Under 500 | Banana NiceCream

The hardest part about starting the school year is adjusting from summer traditions back into a studious routine. If you spent the month of July drinking smoothies and sitting under the sun, you might be having withdrawals from those indulgent habits these first couple weeks. September is known for starting the transition into the colder months, but that does not mean the sweetness of summer must come to an end.

Though the first frost is unavoidable, you will not have to say goodbye to summer treats if you take the time to whip up some Banana NiceCream. Bananas make a great substitute for ingredients high in carbs or sugar, because they contain a naturally sweet flavor along with high amounts of potassium, magnesium and dietary fiber. They can be used to replace flour, sugar and other starches in many recipes.

In the case of Banana NiceCream, added sugars are completely replaced by the natural ingredient of fruit. In fact, all of the ingredients included in regular ice cream can be replaced with a couple of bananas. To prepare this delicacy, fill a resealable plastic bag with two or three cut up fresh bananas and place in the freezer overnight. The frozen bananas can then be taken out and placed into a blender to create a surprisingly creamy texture that resembles ice cream. If that seems too simple, then more steps can be taken to enhance the NiceCream’s taste.

This dessert has the potential for many familiar flavors with the help from other ingredients. By blending in two spoonfuls of peanut butter you can create a classic banana and peanut butter smoothie with some crushed nuts on top.

Another variation is chocolate, which can be achieved with the addition of cocoa powder, chocolate chips or both. Want to recreate Disney’s famous Dole whip? Throw in a couple slices of pineapple with the bananas.

The flavors are endless with this sweet treat and the best part about it is that you can enjoy a typically unhealthy item without any guilt. Who would have thought that blended frozen bananas could turn into a mixture that so closely resembles ice cream? It’s even more unbelievable that a large bowl of ice cream could now be served in well under 500 calories.

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