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A review of Firehouse Sub

If you’ve been finding yourself craving a sub, Firehouse Subs is to the rescue. Fargo welcomed Firehouse Subs to the area in August of this past summer. The people behind creating Firehouse Subs come from families that are built on decades of fire and police service, and they say they feel it was their destiny to open up Firehouse Subs and serve the public in a different way: being first responders to your hunger. Originally founded in Florida, we are very grateful that Firehouse Subs has found a home right here in Fargo. Today there are more than 1,200 Firehouse Subs and they continue to grow like wildfire. If you find yourself in the mood for a sandwich hot or cold, consider Firehouse Subs. I will be reviewing this chain on their food, service, and atmosphere, and hopefully answer any burning questions you may have.

Firehouse Subs is located at 5675 26th Ave S, Fargo.
Photo Credit | Paige Nordstrom


The sandwiches taste fresh and differ from other sandwich chains. They steam their ingredients to pull more flavor from them. Once you finish one, you’ll genuinely debate returning to the register and buying a second. The sandwiches come with a pickle, and you can order them in sizes small, medium, and large and prices are placed accordingly. I have personally tried the Turkey Bacon Ranch which was incredibly delicious and it’s a go-to for me whenever I go. Their most popular sandwich is the Hook and Ladder. Served with smoked turkey breast, Virginia honey ham and melted Monterey Jack. This specialty sandwich is known as “Fully involved” in the Firehouse Subs world, meaning it’s complete with mayo, deli mustard,

lettuce, tomato, and onion. Any specialty hot sub you see on the menu can also be served cold, you just need to ask! They also have a variety of hot sauces if you want to bring on the heat.

I have yet to try their salads but don’t have reason to believe they wouldn’t be just as satisfying. I do however highly recommend trying the loaded potato soup. With the cold weather coming in, this hot soup will warm you up. There’s side salads, brownies, cookies, chips, and fountain drinks to top off your meal.


Service is perfectly adequate. Orders come out quick and correct each time. I’ve never had a problem with the service and have had friendly exchanges with the workers.


Although Firehouse Subs specializes in tackling your hunger, this franchise doesn’t hold just one purpose to provide great sandwiches, Firehouse Subs wears many hats. Firehouse Subs stands out because they donate a portion of your purchase towards the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. This organization helps provide firefighters with lifesaving equipment. Change lives one sub at a time, and you can trust you are contributing to a good cause.


Firehouse subs puts effort into their craft and you can acknowledge plenty of it goes into the atmosphere as well. The décor will definitely stay memorable in your brain. The entire joint is decked out in a firefighter theme, completed with little plastic firefighter helmets for the

little ones. The environment is welcoming and the times I have dined there, was right in their lobby. It’s a well put together place and we always leave on a happy note and full stomachs. Enjoy a carefully crafted sub while donating to a great cause for our first responders. Thank you Firehouse Subs!

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