Feminism Through Online Media

SPECTRUM STAFF Erik Jonasson II | Vanessa Rickertsen holds up a sign stating #YesToAllWomen

Why is it that it is 2016 and genderization is still such a prominent source of advertising in media?

Women today know that objectification and sexual advertising are present in today’s society, so why isn’t there more being done to help this issue? Online media is a new form of petition and should be more widely used by today’s generation.

Advertisements, magazine articles and even presidential elections are all great examples of how far we are allowing gender and sexuality to be pushed into today’s media.

The way that women are objectified by people like Trump is a disgusting use of the female body. Rape culture is being spread across the news reports through the form of a political campaign because Trump doesn’t know how to treat women and their bodies right. The fact that our country has even allowed this to go as far as it has is a disgrace.

It’s not just the bodies of females that are objectified, it is our minds as well. We are treated like the only things we have the ability to do are the gender roles women were given in the ’50s. We are no longer just housewives with curves and the ability to produce babies. We are engineers, doctors and lawyers.

Yes, we can do that math problem. Yes, I have curves. Yes, I like to clean sometimes. This does not mean that we are conforming to social and gender norms. Being a feminist means that we support women in being what they can and choose to be.

Women (and men) of today’s generation need to be taking advantage of online media to portray a world we want in the future, a world for our children. The use of social media is our way of creating nationally, potentially globally, recognized protests for equal rights. Becoming active in this fight can change the way women are portrayed and potentially help the rape and sexual culture that has been created and broadcast throughout the country. The young minds of today need to see we are trying to make a difference.

Wear what you want to wear. Go into a profession that you would like to go in. Hell, you can be a stay-at-home mother if you want. Just don’t take s—t for being who you want to be. We all know the men wouldn’t allow that if it were them in our boat. Women need to quit making themselves smaller and stand up for what we believe in.

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