Fargo Fashion| Five Trends to Save You From a Fashion Rut

We’ve all been in a fashion rut. Nothing in your closet seems new or appealing, and the thought of putting together an outfit seems daunting at best.

Shopping may even seem pointless because next season’s looks aren’t warm enough for today’s temperatures.  If this awkward time between winter and spring is throwing you for a fashion loop, it is time to take another look at your closet and get re-inspired.

Although it may seem as though you have nothing to wear, chances are you have a lot of items that can be paired with others to create something beautiful.

So what is a college kid on limited budget to do?  The answer lies in statement pieces. The five trends listed below will allow you to spruce up whatever is currently residing in your wardrobe.

Playing with whatever, you have already is not only cost-effective, but also fun. You may end up falling in love all over again with your flared jeans from high school, or your gauchos from the early 2000’s. Those old gauchos may have taken it a little too far, but odds are, adding in a few new accessories will allow you to see your wardrobe in a whole new light.


No, I’m not talking about the animal, although that might work too.

Switch out your basic pair of flats or sandals for this season’s must have. Not only do they give your outfit an extra dose of spice, but they are also the epitome of ease and comfort.

Emily Wotzka| THE SPECTRUM
Throwing it back to the flared jeans for a more comfortable statement piece.

Flared Jeans

It is time to ditch those skinny jeans and opt for a more comfortable version of America’s favorite material.

Flared jeans will become your new go-to, as they are easily dressed up or down. The fullness at the bottom of the outfit provides a flattering silhouette for all shapes and sizes.

Statement Earrings

A bold pair of earrings is enough to take any outfit from boring to chic.

Try combining your favorite pair of jeans with a sweater, mules, and statement earrings for a refreshed ensemble. Not only do they freshen up your current wardrobe, but they are also the most inexpensive way of staying on trend.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are the epitome of a statement piece, but versatile enough to mix and match within your current wardrobe.

To maintain a young and fresh vibe, try pairing this statement piece with a jean jacket or neutral cardigan for a monochromatic look.

Straw Basket Bag

Straw handbags are all the rage this season and for good reason. Although this trend is not an item of apparel, you may be surprised with how different you feel with a new handbag on your shoulders. This basket bag will be your one-stop-shop tote for both spring and summer.

Not sure where to find these trendy items? Evereve, Lot 2029, Kittsona, Onyx and Pearl and Leela and Lavender carry all of these trendy items and more to help bring you out of that fashion rut.

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