Fargo Should Get a Gum Wall

Germophobes beware: don’t touch this alley’s wall if you don’t want someone else’s saliva to end up on your finger.

Granted, most back alley walls aren’t the cleanest, but deep into historic downtown Pike Place Market of Seattle, you’ll find a whole alleyway covered in used gum.

It sounds gross, but this germtastic, colorful masterpiece is an important artistic landmark to not just the Pacific Northwest.

The Market Theater Gum Wall dates back to 1993 when theatergoers at the Unexpected Productions Seattle Theatresports stuck used gum onto the wall and even placed coins into the gooey blobs.

This rebellious trend continued for a while, and theater workers tried to hinder progress by scraping off the masterpiece.

After two attempts at scraping away the gum, the workers gave up trying and a cultural icon was born.

Officials at Pike Place Market deemed the wall and alley an official tourist attraction in 1999.

Gum is now only removed when needed, like last year when the gum was so heavy, it started to pull down the walls of the Post Alley, where the gum wall calls home.

Turning disgusting waste into a tourist attraction in Seattle is something that perhaps Fargo, or other cities, could learn from.

What started as a nuisance soon became a trend and is now a full scale tourist attraction, garnering hundreds of passersby every day.

The Market Theater Gum Wall is an interesting form of artistic expression, turning chewed up pieces of gum into a masterpiece that changes every minute.

Gum murals are created and displayed as quickly as they’re covered up by new pieces. This causes an ever-changing, multicolored piece of art with contributors from across the globe.

Fargo, like Seattle, could easily begin this gummy trend. All that is needed is some determination, a pack of gum and an alleyway that could use some sticky beautification.

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