Fargo Foodie| Wasabi Revamped Location, But Same Food

Miranda Stambler| THE SPECTRUM
Broaden your taste buds by getting sushi fried.

Wasabi is a well-known sushi and Asian grill in downtown Fargo, and they have completely revamped their style.

Originally located on NP Avenue, Wasabi moved to their new location on Second Avenue North in August. This location is completely different. Instead of being next to Drunken Noodle, they are now behind Poke Bowl. This could be confusing when you first walk in, but if you keep walking straight back you’ll be in Wasabi.

This location has less of a drunken dungeon feel and more of a newly renovated modern downtown vibe. Although the food has stayed the same through the move, the atmosphere helps the taste.

If you’re looking for good sushi where you barely have to talk to anyone, this is the place. Sit at the sushi bar, order a drink and fill out a laminated paper with a dry erase marker instead of having to order in person. It keeps the anxiety of trying to figure out your order quickly at ease and gives you time to really figure out what you want.

If you’re looking for a more face-to-face meal, there are half booth and chair table options.

Listen, I am not a person who goes out of their way for sushi, and half the time I do not like the taste. However, at Wasabi my taste buds were loving the many flavors, even though my wallet was not.

Miranda Stambler| THE SPECTRUM
Double up by getting a basic roll and then add a little flavor in your second order.

For those of you that are not sushi fanatics, like me, there are basic rolls that come in sets of six. These can be as basic as an avocado roll, which is just rice, seaweed and avocado. It’s simple, but delicious.

If you want to venture out from the “basic” area, most things topped with spicy mayo and avocado are a good place to start. “The Red Dragon” in particular was exactly what someone who has not discovered their sushi taste needs. It allows for you to taste most things that sushi incorporates while providing the safe, familiar taste of spicy mayo.

Branching out in the world of sushi can be difficult if you do not know what you like, so pay attention to the descriptions to help guide you.

For those of you that already know their sushi taste and exact order, the next step is to make it fried. That’s right, you heard that correctly, and no it’s not the state fair.

“The Broken Heart” is the spicy side of sushi that just so happens to be fried. The roll contains “tempura fried spicy tuna, spicy crab, cream cheese and jalapeño roll topped with spicy mayo.” Although it’s quite a big bite, it is worth every crunch.

Make sure to amp up the taste by dipping the sushi in some wasabi and soy sauce. Mixed together, it gives the food that extra flavor it needs.

At Wasabi there is more than just sushi, but the sushi bar is an area you cannot go wrong at, from fast paced service to beautifully presented food.

Keep in mind, the dinner can become a bit pricey when ordering sushi, and that one order (that comes in six rolls) may not be enough so you better add on a second order.

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