Fargo Foodie | Got the Munchies?

Taco Bell isn’t necessarily essential to a college student’s diet, but it is cheap, quick, easy and good enough for your palate. Plus, it’s perfect for nighttime munchies.

Everyone has their go-to meal, but with constant additions to the menu, it is hard to keep up with. Just look at the nacho fries that lasted only a couple of months before Taco Bell realized they were not a fan favorite.

If you’re on a budget that means a simple burrito, taco, nachos, quesadilla, etc., but when you extend out of that budget it gets more interesting.

Everyone has their preference of soft versus hard shell tacos. In my opinion, soft shell is better, especially if you plan to leave the meal for later. If a hard shell is left in the fridge it becomes softer and less appealing, while a soft shell remains in its original state.

For dessert, a decision between the Cinnamon Twists and the Cinnabon Delights, there is a clear winner. No one actually likes the Cinnamon Twists; they are flakey and lose taste faster than a piece of the Fruit Stripe gum from when we were kids.

The Cinnabon Delights have a doughy outer shell covered in cinnamon sugar with a cream filling in the middle. Therefore, the only time people like Cinnamon Twists is when they give them for free to make up for a long wait or error in food.

For burritos, the Quesarito is my go-to. It gives the perfect blend of all good ingredients. It’s your typical burrito but wrapped in a cheesy quesadilla. The addition of chipotle sauce gives it a little spice so your hot sauce doesn’t have to do all the work.

At first a taste of disappointment, the Crunchwrap Supreme redeemed itself when reaching the center. The outside of the specialty item is thick, so it seems as though the ingredients are not satisfyingly applied. Although, when reaching the middle the sour cream meshes with the nacho sauce, leaving a perfect blend of the best ingredients of any Mexican combo.

When it comes to the specialty item Mexican Pizza, don’t even bother. It comes out looking unappetizing and overloaded with beans.

The best thing for college students and their endless debt are the deals and combo section of the menu. This section has loads of meals that come with multiple items and usually include a drink.

There are some combos that come with three tacos while others come with an entrée item and a taco or two to accompany it, so you can fulfill your cravings even more. There are also party packs for 12 tacos if you are on a full-fledged munchies attack.

As for breakfast, Taco Bell is more of a dinner to midnight snack type of fast food restaurant. Although they have many items on their breakfast menu, they are not typically known for that side of things. Many of their breakfast items are the same as the typical lunch/dinner menu but contain eggs, sausage and bacon instead of ground beef, beans and chicken.

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