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Something that is easy rather than difficult and cheap rather than expensive is always the way to go with college students.

Every college student knows the typical Bagel Bites that you buy from the store frozen. You know the ones — the tiny ones that you can eat in one bite, leading you to eat at least six at a time and still feel hungry.

The reason college students buy these is because they are easy to make, cheap and essentially pizza. Here is a homemade version of those small bagel bites. These will actually keep you filled without having to eat so many because these are made with normal-sized bagels. The cost is also cheap, and they taste better than the regular frozen brand.

This can be done with your favorite type of bagel and with your choice of pizza toppings.

Homemade Bagel Bites Ingredients:

Miranda Stambler| THE SPECTRUM
Homemade Bagel Bites for college students to enjoy.

1/4 cup of pizza sauce (per bagel half)

2-3 pinches of finely shredded cheese (per bagel half)

Favorite pizza topping (optional)


Pick out your favorite type of bagel. I recommend an everything or plain bagel.

On each half of the bagel, pour 1/4 cup of pizza sauce. Spread evenly along the bagel.

On each half, sprinkle 2-3 pinches of cheese depending on how much you prefer. This can be regular mozzarella cheese or something different, but make sure it is finely shredded so it takes less time to melt.

Add your favorite topping, but not too much because it could overpower everything else. I recommend 3 normal sized pepperoni slices on each bagel half.

For a crispier bagel bite: Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees and bake for about 15 minutes. The cheese will not look that melted, but the bottom of the bagel will be crispy already, so do not keep it in too long or it will be burnt.

For a gooier consistency: Microwave the bagel bite for 2-5 minutes or until you see the cheese completely melted. This results in a softer bagel bite, along with giving the cheese a more pizza-like consistency.

Let them cool for about 2 minutes before eating.

Finally, enjoy the new college student homemade version of bagel bites.

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