Fargo Flicks: For Frigid Weather

In the dead of winter, most of us sane people will avoid contact with the outside as much as possible. To bypass the dread of the cold weather and ensuing boredom, take solace in the warmth and comfort of a movie theater.


This week in the Memorial Union, the 2008 box office flick “21” will be playing Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

The film follows an M.I.T. student named Ben Campbell who struggles to pay for medical school. Due to his intelligence, his professor, played by Kevin Spacey, picks Ben to be on his blackjack team. Professor Rosa (Spacey) runs a team of card counting college students who head to Las Vegas several weekends throughout the year.

With the professor’s reliable system, the students make thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, despite the team’s greatest efforts, running into trouble is inevitable when the chief of security at a casino steps into the picture.

The film received mixed reviews from movie-goers and worse critiques from critics; pegs the movie at a 36 percent on its aggregate system.

Ride Along 2

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube return in this second installment of the “Ride Along” series coming out Friday.

This anticipated sequel follows the first movie, which saw Ben (Hart), a high school security guard, go on a ride along with his girlfriend’s brother, James (Ice Cube). Action ensues while the comedic duo defeats a Serbian smuggler’s boss.

“Ride Along 2” follows Ben as he prepares to marry James’ sister and stop a drug supplier from dealing in Atlanta.

Viewers beware: the original movie only received an 18 percent from

Norm of the North

Also being widely released Friday is “Norm of the North,” an animated film that follows softhearted polar bear Norm as he tries to save his icy homeland.

In this fun family comedy, corporate companies are trying to add apartments and malls to the Arctic, much to the chagrin of Norm and the adorable animals living with him. Norm eventually travels to the concrete jungle of New York City to intervene and stop the evil companies from taking away his home.

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

Friday also will see the release of “13 Hours,” which details the events of the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya. This flick focuses on the events leading up to the Battle of Benghazi, along with the aftermath. The movie stars John Krasinki of “The Office” lore.

Based on a true story, “13 Hours” follows six elite ex-military operators fighting to protect American soil among the turmoil surrounding the embassy. When an American ambassador is killed by Islamic militants, six men do what they must to defend themselves and the country they love. Combining guns, explosions and the direction of Michael Bay, this movie looks enticing.

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