Fargo Fashion| How to Look Stylish Every Day

We all have those days where getting up and putting together a stylish outfit seems like a lot of work, so we end up laying in bed longer and just throwing on sweats and a T-shirt.

I believe that dressing well will raise your confidence and help you to have a more successful day if you love the way you look. I have a couple tips and tricks to help you out on those days when you need a style boost.

  1. The front tuck

One way to escalate your outfit is to simply tuck in the front of your shirt into your jeans or trousers.

This is great because it can help to give your outfit more shape and extenuate your waistline. It can take a casual outfit and make it look chic and smart.

  1. Add a belt
    Ryley Berzinski| Photo Courtesy
    Adding a belt can make for a more flattering outfit.

When trying to vamp up your outfit adding a belt makes for a great accessory. They can go along with the first tip of front tucking your shirt.

I personally like bright colored or pattern belts because they can make a simple jeans and T-shirt outfit look fun and unique.

Another belt style that is very popular right now is a chain belt. These give off an early 2000s vibe and are great for going out or when you feel like being a little more dressed up.

Another thing you can do with a belt is securing it around the smaller part of your waist when you are wearing something oversized or flowy. This helps give you shape in a very flattering way.

  1. Cuff your sleeves/ pants

This may be one of my favorite tricks, and it only takes seconds. Simply cuff the end of your sleeves to help your outfit go from frumpy to trendy.

There are tons of different videos on YouTube showing tutorials of different ways to cuff your sleeves that could be worth your while to check out.

Once you have your cuff, add some fun bracelets. Cuffing your sleeves gives you a perfect opportunity to showcase bracelets by showing your wrists.

Another simple cuff you can do is with your pants. If you like to have your pants to end right at the ankle, this is the way to do it. It also allows for your shoe to make a bigger statement in your outfit. If you are feeling daring, add some fun socks to show off.

  1. Rolling T-shirt sleeves

On a lazy day one of my favorite outfits is a vintage T-shirt and leggings. One way to elevate this look is to simply roll the sleeves of the shirt. You can either roll it once or roll the sleeve all the way up to give it a tank top vibe.

If you want to take this look to the next level, layer a white T-shirt under the T-shirt you chose to wear that day, then roll both of the sleeves together so you can see the layer.

  1. Always add one accessory

Adding one accessory, whether it’s a necklace or ring can go a long way. This makes your outfit more interesting and also looks like you put a little more effort in while getting ready.

I always keep my go-to jewelry lying by the sink so when I get ready in the morning it is hard to forget to slip it on.

A jewelry trend, right now, is anything rose gold. It gives your outfits the perfect feminine touch.

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