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Do you ever see people on the street and think, ”Wow, I never would’ve thought to put those clothing items together, but it looks amazing.” You may also wonder how to take a concept on a mannequin and make it work for your height, body shape, style, etc.

Often times, shoppers come home with random bits and bobbles of clothing items that catch their eyes in the store. Then the fiasco ensues of learning how to make those items work within their existing wardrobe.

Well, the good news is that a lot of people suffer from this frustrating conundrum. Even better news, someone came up with a solution. A website called Trendsend is a personal styling service that chooses apparel items, accessories and shoes for you based on your lifestyle, budget and personal style.

All you need to do is go to the Trendsend website and fill out your style profile by answering multiple questions regarding your life, body type, style, etc. After that, a personal stylist will handpick five pieces of clothing, accessories and/or jewelry based on your style profile and ship them to your front door.

Shipping is free both ways, and there is no styling or monthly fees. There is a $1 processing fee to ensure that the card is active, and if you decide to purchase one or more of the items, the $1 fee will go toward your final payment. Even if you receive your order and don’t want to purchase any of the items, it’s free to ship them straight back to the store.

So how do Trendsend stylists truly cater their looks to you and your lifestyle based on an online profile?

Former Trendsend stylist and North Dakota State retail, merchandising and design student, Molly Pfaff said it’s all about the customer’s day-to-day schedule.

“I base my styling mostly off of the person’s lifestyle and what their usual day looks like. For example, going from work to a kid’s baseball game to date night,” Pfaff said. “After I’ve determined their lifestyle, I move on to what they need in their wardrobe, the basics they need and a fun, out-of-your-comfort-zone piece to challenge them to try something new.”

Trendsend is an online styling service under parent company Evereve, described as a “contemporary retail brand that specializes in styling moms.” According to Evereve’s website, the company believes that Trendsend is meant to “strengthen” and empower women.

Although Evereve was created to cater to the modern mom, it’s product offering suits women of all ages, including college students.

“I would use Trendsend as a college student because it’s always fun getting clothing in the mail to try on and any college student can let their stylist know that they have a lower budget. This will have the stylists grabbing from the sales rack, and there are some great deals there,” Pfaff shared.

Basically, Trendsend is the perfect place to get a free, personalized shopping experience without having to leave your house.

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