Fallen Students’ Memories Mapped by Trees

Seven trees were planted this year in memoriam of the seven students who lost their lives while attending North Dakota State.

At a plaque dedication ceremony on Friday, NDSU President Dean Bresciani, former Student Body Vice President Anuj Teotia and family and friends of those who have passed gathered to remember the lives of these students.

Bresciani said he had come up with the idea of planting a tree for fallen students during his first year at NDSU when a student had lost their life. He said the idea stemmed from having the person’s memory be entwined with the Bison family, along with serving as a memorial for decades to honor those students.

Bresciani also said NDSU is unique to the other schools he has worked at in that it is the only school in which the community members and students refer to themselves as a large family.

“Once a Bison, always a Bison,” Teotia said.

Trees were planted near locations where fallen students enjoyed their time at NDSU, from the downtown campus to the high rise residence halls to the music education building.

Family members of fallen students were given the opportunity to express their thoughts to those gathered at the plaque dedication ceremony in Century Theater.

The father of one of the fallen students said he wouldn’t wish it upon his worst enemy to have to be in that room in the position he is in. He added the most important thing he had been told following his child’s death was to remember to breathe and take a step.

Out of respect to the families, no photographs were taken during the plaque dedication ceremony.

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