Essentia Health launches 24-hour substance use disorder hotline

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The free hotline will connect patients to local providers, provide treatment and offer resources

A new 24-hour hotline developed by Essentia Health will connect patients with a substance use disorder provider near them. The hotline is open to anyone and services can be accessed by calling (833) 677-1262.

“The purpose of the 24/7 substance use disorder hotline is to help remove barriers to connect patients suffering from a substance use disorder directly to an appointment with an Essentia Health provider for non-judging care,” said Kelly Black, the the program manager for Essentia Health’s Opioid Treatment Program.

The program known as Medicine for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) uses medicines, such as Suboxone, and therapy to reduce cravings and withdrawal. “Opioid use disorder is a chronic, relapsing condition, the treatment of which falls within the scope of practice for family physicians. With appropriate medication and supporting services, patients are more likely to enter full recovery.”

According to Essentia Health, the care team offers personalized care to both patients and families suffering from substance abuse disorder including alcohol, tobacco, vaping, opiates, methamphetamine, and marijuana.

Other services includes providing education and helping connect patients with community resources.

Essentia Health has more than 30 trained providers across its service areas and plans to have an additional 40 trained providers within the next year.

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