The Results Are In

Chase Grindberg and Marisa Pacella will be North Dakota State’s new student body president and vice present.

The results were announced April 5 outside of the student government office in the Memorial Union.

Grindberg attributes his ticket’s success to the people who helped advertise and spread the word about their campaign.

According to Grindberg, their ticket got people to come out to vote by “getting out there doing the contact tables, really getting impassioned about our platform and really seeing, you know, exactly how we can change the student experience here at NDSU.”

The first thing the president-elect wants to accomplish is to get “a very solid executive team in place so then as the year progresses, throughout next fall and this spring.”

Grindberg is excited about the work that goes along with the job saying, “I’ve been involved in politics, you know, my whole life.”

Fiscally, Grindberg is looking to lobby state representatives to raise funding for North Dakota State.

Vice President-elect Pacella said she attributes some of the campaign’s success to student organizations.

During the campaign, Grindberg and Pacella talked to “over 40 student organizations,” according to Pacella.

Pacella said they told the student organizations they are there to listen.

Grindberg and Pacella have also stressed their safety initiative. Pacella said they spoke with Carol Cwiak, an associate professor in the emergency management department, when they were developing their initiative.

Landon Holmquist, the current executive commissioner of finance, said if the Powley-Patton ticket would have won it would have been a bigger learning curve because of their lack of student government experience.

The new student body president said he wants to increase state funds for NDSU so this would involve lobbying. The remodeling of Dunbar Hall is also included in his aspirations.

The turnout for this election was 11 votes shy of last year’s turnout: 792 students voted for Grindberg-Pacella and 275 students voted for Powley-Patton.

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