Editor’s Choice: Event Lull

It’s Fargo, and let’s be honest, the event calendar can fall pretty bare from time to time. But it is my firm belief that boredom can foster creativity.

With Fargo holding off until holiday-related gatherings are officially acceptable and performing arts productions put the final touches on their seasonal shows, we must be patient. But patience and boredom do not have to be synonymous, and with that, here are a few suggestions on how to spend your “lull” week.

Multi-usage museums

The Rourke is transitioning into its George Pfeifer retrospective, and the Plains has two rockstar shows in Picasso’s Clay and Star Wallowing Bull’s retrospective. If you’ve yet to view these shows, do so; if you’re an art scene regular, there are other ways to take advantage of the public spaces.

Museums are one of the rare societal creations that are generally free and have minimal behavioral expectations. Go, look, don’t look, love it, hate it, take a nap: the choice is completely yours. My suggestion would be to take on an afternoon of homework in the Plains’ café space.

Island Park

These suggestions are only applicable due to an unseasonably warm fall, thanks to the El Niño and/or global warming. Whatever the cause of our lingering temperatures, it would be foolish for a northern Midwesterner to not take advantage.

If it is warm enough, think 50s or 60s, head down to the historic park in the late afternoon to catch a few of the local DJs playing their choice of electronic, techno and much more. This isn’t a scheduled happening, so cross your fingers that your afternoon stroll will lead to an outdoor dance sesh.

Another Island Park happening is rooted in summertime celebration, and is again, shared through word of mouth. Happy hour in the park was a Friday ritual for those involved this summer, but with extended warmth a few more could be squeezed in.

Obviously, alcohol in public can only be administered under specific parameters, so I don’t suggest taking on this event yourself. Again, meander and you may run into some fun.

Joel Hegerle: Opening reception

Fargo’s calendar isn’t entirely empty and will be back in full force by the end of this week. If you are looking for something that comes with a Facebook event notification, consider collage and mix-media artist Joel Hegerle’s opening reception at the HoDo.

From 5-7 p.m. Monday in the HoDo restaurant, work from longtime local artist Joel Hegerle will be on display and for purchase as part of the Hotel Donaldson’s rotating exhibit.

His colorful background in neon and sign making, graphic design and his frequent stays in Mexico inform the latest series. His humor is evident in both the work and his vernacular.

The reception is open to the public, and Mexican-style appetizers will be served.

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