Editorial | Supreme Court defers decision to courts as Trump ban on transgender individuals in military is reinstated

The recent decision by the Supreme Court to revoke the right for transgender individuals to serve their country by serving in the military is nothing but backward.

The Trump administration has consistently put the transgender community in danger and has proven that they do not represent these Americans. This action by President Donald Trump shows that he is more concerned with a re-election campaign that is built on fear, racism and bigotry than the rights of those that he has sworn to protect.

This administration has insisted time and time again that the rights of transgender people be infringed upon and today, taken away.

 If we put “Freedom and Justice for all” anywhere near our country’s name, this should be seen as nothing other than a blatant attack on personal freedoms and rights.

The government shouldn’t discriminate against anyone; what we decide to do should have no bearing on our rights.

You have every right to your own pursuit of happiness, whether that takes you to a new name, a new gender expression or a reinvented sense of self.

As a community, we have shown up to march, we have shown up to vote and we will continue to do that, no matter the actions of a corrupt or hateful administration. The actions of a few men in Washington D.C. does not stop all of the progress we have fought so hard for.

Today, we recognize our privilege; we seek to promote those of us who do not benefit from that privilege and offer our voices.

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