Dumb or creative? 2020 might be the year of problematic Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is going to be rough this year.

Want to play 2020 Halloween Costume bingo?

2020 has the makings of a cultural historian’s dream, with all its inside jokes, niche humor and cultural oddities. We are sure to have a good time looking back at what the world did while we were inside. 

We are approaching a milestone in this department: Halloween. The first of many holidays that will probably be celebrated during times of modern quarantine. While I know Christmas will no doubt we something we will never forget, Halloween has the tendency to absorb the culture around it and spit it out. 

So let’s look at what costumes people will use to satirize this unique junction in human history. 

Trump, Trump and sick Trump. This is probably the most inescapable costume choice you might see people try this year. I imagine people dressing in normal Trump masks and suits then covering themselves in all things Covid-19. 

While dressing as political figures have a long tradition, this year will probably be a wash in this form of satire. For that reason, I would really check with your socially distanced “party” mates on whether they are going as the same thing. I would also take a hard look at your political surroundings, will people laugh at you or will there be an argument.

Adding to this, I would say the second politically-themed attire I would look out for would be “Sleepy Joe” Biden costumes. A pillow and a blanket and whatever suit you had lying around might not be seen as a costume though.

Tiger King, god don’t do tiger king. No one wants to be reminded of March or April when all we had to talk about was a crazy tiger breeder and the women hell-bent on his destruction. It happened, we know it happened, move on, please.

The idea is lazy, to say the least. We all saw it coming and we all know the type of people who will capitalize on such an outdated reference. Also, there are a lot of these people out there. I’m sure we will see our fair share of group photos of people dressed as the man himself. 

The Coronavirus. Ok, here is where I have to take a deep breath and tell you what I’m not going to do. I’m not going to clutch my pearls like many in the media. I’m not going to sit around complaining that people don’t have the decency not to make fun of a deadly disease by comparing it to a cheap Mexican import beer.

What I will do is warn those in the developing stages of life that there will be those who take your actions seriously. There will probably be nightly news personalities who come on at six and rat you out to your parents for not taking the pandemic seriously. This is the one that could land you in the hottest water so please, maybe just don’t.

Plus I just don’t care anymore, it’s not unique and we know you just want attention, so for all of us that have gone threw too many news cycles this year, reconsider.

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