Donald Trump’s Big Speech

His second State of the Union was filled with promises and talks of prosperity

The speech was originally controversial because of the long government shutdown.

On Tuesday, Feb. 5, Americans all over the country watched the State of the Union address from President Donald Trump. Though it was originally scheduled for the end of January, it was postponed due to the government shutdown.

President Trump started off by stating: “Millions of our fellow citizens are watching us now gathered in this chamber, hoping we will govern not as two parties, but as one nation.” This comes after plenty of disagreements between Democrats and Republicans as tensions have risen over the past few of months, especially during the government shutdown. “The agenda I layout this evening is not a Republican agenda or a Democratic agenda; it’s an agenda of the American people.”

As the President progressed on, he praised the many individuals who were part of events that have formed American society today. He expressed how America is stepping into the future, which calls for the creation of a standard of living and the quality of life Americans deserve. Trump urged the American people that it was their decision on whether to choose greatness or defeat.

The president talked about all the issues he and his administration have worked on over the years since he’s been in office. Some of which includes job creation and the unemployment rates that he insists have drastically decreased. Trump delved into the tax cuts for working families and the child tax credit that he stated has helped save money for the middle class. The president briefly mentioned the elimination of the Obamacare individual mandate among the accomplishments he asserted his administration has made.

Another topic the president discussed was the economy. During his address, Trump mentioned how America’s economy is thriving. “An economic miracle is taking place in the United States, and the only thing that can stop it are foolish wars, politics or ridiculous partisan investigations.” Trump clearly showed his feelings on the investigations happening by stating: “If there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation.”

Another topic the president discussed was how legislation changed the sentencing laws impacting the African American community. “America is a nation that believes in redemption.” He spoke about how his First Step Act gives nonviolent offenders the opportunity to re-enter society. Two people Trump talked about were Alice Johnson and Matthew Charles, both of whom Trump helped get released early from their prison sentences.

As the speech moved on, President Trump mentioned the southern border and discussed the problems America faces. “Congress has 10 days left to pass a bill that will fund our government, protect our homeland and secure our very dangerous southern border.” This statement comes as Trump threatens to shut down the government again if Congress doesn’t help fund the wall. “I have ordered another 3,750 troops to our southern border to prepare for this tremendous onslaught.” President Trump insisted that he supports immigration in America, but he wants immigrants to come to this country legally. He then went on to list everything he claims illegal immigrants have done to America. Reduced employment, overcrowded schools and an increase in crime were some of what Trump mentioned, as he tried to persuade Americans to fund the wall. Trump summed up his argument for better security by stating: “So let’s work together, compromise and truly make America safe.”

President Trump also mentioned how many more women are in Congress today than ever before, congratulating those in attendance.

Trade, especially with China, has been an issue because of the tariffs imposed. Trump said he doesn’t blame China, but rather the leaders and representatives of this country for allowing them to take advantage of American products. If another country places an unfair tariff on American products, Trump encouraged everyone to pass the United States Reciprocal Trade Act so that the country will be faced with the same tariff for the same product.

Health care is a concern for many that struggle to afford it. Reducing the cost of health care and prescription drugs for those with pre-existing conditions was also on the president’s agenda. “I am asking Congress to pass legislation that finally takes on the problem of global freeloading and delivers fairness and price transparency for American patients finally.”

President Trump ended with security being the last thing on his agenda. Overall, America’s involvement in the Middle East and terrorism was one of Trump’s main concerns. Having spent over $7 trillion in fighting wars in the Middle East, Trump said he wants a new approach, mentioning that great nations don’t fight wars that don’t end.

As he wrapped up, Trump again stated that America needs to come together to choose greatness. “That one nation under God must be the hope and promise and the light and the glory among all the nations of the world.” Whether people agreed or disagreed, whether Democrat, Republican, or independent, many Americans listened to what President Trump had to say on matters that affect all citizens.

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