Defeat Your Sins and Redeem Yourself

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We have all done things in our past that are looked down upon by society, religion and the law. Have you ever wanted to change or erase your sins? Well, Adam, the lone warrior has the chance to do just that in “Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption.” Developed by DARK STAR, “Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption” is a horror role-playing game that was released Wednesday, April 25.

The story takes place in the aftermath of a destroyed kingdom where a lone warrior must defeat increasingly difficult demonic bosses. Adam’s past is forgotten. His mind is shrouded in mystery. With no recollection of his past, the only thing pushing the lone warrior forward is a driving force that is as secretive as it is terrifying and dangerous.

There are “eight distinct, brutal bosses” based on the seven deadly sins and one ultra-sin boss to test your mettle against. After a quick Google search to identify the eight sins, I can guess at what the names and sins of the bosses are: Gula (gluttony), Luxuria/Fornicatio (lust or fornication), Avaritia (avarice/greed), Superbia (pride/hubris), Tristita (sorrow/despair/despondency), Ira (wrath), Vanagloria (vainglory) and finally Acedia (sloth).

To defeat these bosses, you must weaken yourself before fighting and kill the avatars of Sin. I believe each boss will be different in the way they fight based on their specific sin. I think it will be interesting to see how the developers make Luxuria and Gula fight.

Something unique to “Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption” is the “level down” gameplay. I think this type of gameplay will be quite refreshing because all games I have ever played have a level up system where you increase your stats the longer you play a game. The level down gameplay is representative of the character becoming weaker after facing down his own sins. This level down system is used before each boss fight, and it forces you to take away one of your abilities and lowers your stats.

While you will be losing your strength due to leveling down, you will have an array of weapons to help you make up for the weaknesses you will be incurring.

Along your journey of redemption, you will be able to travel across a variety of different environments from castles to a lava level. Given the circumstances, these look rather nice and intriguing.

Graphically, the game looks beautiful and well put together. I cannot really describe it, but the game just looks really good and I hope it stays that way.

It has been a while since a game came along that made feel like investing money into it seemed like a good idea. And it’s not just because of the graphics or the flashing pretty colors of the trailers. No, I want to play this game because I crave a story, and I believe “Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption” will give me a good story.

If you are interested, “Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption” is already out on the Steam Store and it looks like a good time.

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