Dear family and friends

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A short phone call can make someone’s day and cement your relationship.

The importance of staying in contact with loved ones

A new year, maybe a new you? I know you must have heard this saying a million times, but maybe you can really switch it up this year or start a new habit. A habit for me this year will be staying in contact with my family members more than last year.

Being away from home can be tough, however, you can always shoot that friend or family member a text that says how much you love them.

Some ideas to stay in touch with your family or friends away from school include Facetiming, texting, calling or sending a letter. Maybe even invite them up to Fargo for lunch one day.

For me, I like to send my family and friends a letter or text at least once a week. Although you may think, “I don’t have time for this,” trust me, you really do have time to send that person a quick message.

There are so many benefits of communicating back and forth with family and friends, you can build strong relationships, there is no travel needed unless you can while keeping them safe.

When COVID-19 first started, I was unable to go visit my sweet great-grandma. It is extremely hard to not be able to drive to grandma’s house for a visit, so I decided to send her a letter. She wrote back to me and said it was a complete day-maker.

In one of her letters she wrote, “Hi Kilee, my day was so much better after I got your letter, it made my day.” Simply getting in touch with your friends and family is so amazing, not only are you making someone’s day a little brighter, but you are also feeling good about yourselves by making someone else’s day.

In this new year, I hope you start a new habit to stay in contact with your friends and family. I hope you never take any moments for granted and I hope you love them harder. It is so easy and so fun to make someone’s day.

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