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Cute or creepy?

Can college students go trick-or-treating?

It may be hard to spot college-students out trick-or-treating this Halloween.

There is nothing quite so cute as a little girl dressed up like a lumberjack asking for some candy on Halloween. Most people happily dole out candy to little kids dressed in a variety of costumes from the creative to the hilarious. However, these same people aren’t quite as inclined to hand over the goods to a 22-year-old dressed as a cat.

Should college students be allowed to trick-or-treat? The short answer: yes, but only under the right circumstances.

College students are famously strapped for cash. For many of us, going and buying a four dollar bag of candy can feel like a real treat. Not only is this fact slightly depressing, but it is also a fairly good reason why we should be allowed to participate in the candy action.

Nothing sounds so sweet to an NDSU student as the phrase ‘free food.’ Now add that that food is candy and you get to dress up and it really turns each of us into little kids again.

Usually, when people complain about college students trick-or-treating, they say that we should save candy for the little kids or that we’re acting immature. I say just the opposite.

Little kids have stomachs that are half the size of college students. Their tiny organs can’t handle fifteen chocolate bars in an hour, but I’ve seen college students eat an entire pie in one sitting. Believe me: they can handle it.

How can people even say that college students are the ones taking candy from children? Most people don’t have a word to say about parents who mooch three-fourths of the candy their children collect. At least we students are willing to put in the work ourselves rather than have some little kid do our bidding.

Then when it comes to acting mature, we spend most of our days trying to be adults. We go to school to prove we’re qualified, work jobs to survive day-to-day, goodness forbid that we spend one night in the year to dress up and have some innocent fun.

In fact, if college students don’t feel like they can dress up, I highly doubt they’re going to stay in all night and wallow. Instead, they’re going to find a lot less wholesome way of entertaining themselves.

There are enough things that college students have to restrain themselves from doing in order to prove they’re really adults now. Dressing up and receiving free candy shouldn’t be one of them.

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