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addams family
FMCT combines the macabre elements of the Addams Family with a light-hearted musical.

The Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre this weekend premiered its newest musical, “The Addams Family.”

Directed by skilled regional director, Lori Bartlett Koenig, this funny musical follows the ghoulish Addams family in their trials and tribulations as a family with an appreciation for the darkest and most gruesome aspects of life.

FMCT’s musical is adapted from the cartoon characters created by Charles Addams. The musical highlights the spiraling events that occur when Wednesday Addams, played by the dynamic Abbey Immer, insists that her family act “normal” when she brings the boy she loves and his family over for dinner.

Chaos ensues when Wednesday discloses secret information to her father Gomez Addams, played by the hilarious and wildly talented Cody Gerszewski. Wednesday says the dinner party is secretly a celebration of Wednesday and Lucas’ engagement. Wednesday insists that Gomez keep this secret from her mother until after the dinner party.

As the story continues, the struggle of Gomez is hysterical. He insists he cannot keep secrets or lie to his wife Morticia Addams, played by the elegant Kellie Pifer, or Wednesday.

Immediately upon entering the production space at FMCT, the audience is thrust into the world of the Addams Family. With dark lighting and an intricate set designed by Katie Link that depicts the clan’s mansion, complete with a front yard cemetery, the stage perfectly depicts the macabre story.

The audience members are directed to their seats by ensemble cast members dressed in full costume and makeup, which enhances the eerie ambiance of the theatre.

The high production value of this musical was furthered by the striking costumes and makeup. The makeup of the Addams family, designed by Lindsey Kuhn, was elaborate and added an extra element of fun to this production.

Gerszewski, the Addams family patriarch, was fantastic in his portrayal of Gomez. A 2015 graduate of Theatre NDSU, he was committed in his artistic choices and had magnificent comedic timing throughout the production. With his smooth and unfaltering vocals, Gerszewski was built for this role.

Similarly, Pifer was sophisticated in her representation of the sensual Morticia Addams.

In addition, Abbey Immer was a breath of fresh air, as she grounded Wednesday and created a believable young woman among a crazy family that does not want her to grow up. Her vocals were crisp and piercing.

Fester, played by Taylor Schatz, had brilliant asides to the audience. Pugsley, played by Josh Tappe, stole the hearts of the audience as the youngest Addams family member with his wonderful voice.

The entirety of the Addams clan was strong in their portrayals of their ghastly characters in this must-see musical.

Ticket Info:

When: Through May 1

Where: The Stage at Island Park

Price: $12 with student ID

More info: Event website

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