Covid-19 vaccine information booth answered pressing questions

The booth provided information on Covid-19 vaccines and busted some common myths

John Swanson | Photo Courtesy
Amanda Johnson, Nada Soliman, and Bosola Shyllon (left to right) shown talking to a student about the presented information.

A vaccine information pop-up booth was set up in the Memorial Union on April 9 to address questions and concerns people may have regarding the Covid-19 vaccine.

Amanda Johnson, Nada Soliman, Kiya Ismail and Bosola Shyllon are all graduate students in the masters of public health program and were at the booth to discuss the vaccines and provide information. The four said that the most common questions and concerns people had were about the side effects and whether the vaccines are safe.

Some common side effects after getting the vaccine include redness, swelling and pain in the arm where you got the shot as well as tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, fever and nausea.

The booth also busted some common myths about the vaccine as Johnson explained that the Covid-19 vaccine won’t cause infertility.

Overall, the four students said that they heard a lot of people either expressing interest in getting the vaccine, had already received it or where planning on getting it at the NDSU vaccine clinic. Vaccines are now available to everyone 16 and older in North Dakota and Minnesota. Students who are from out of state can receive the vaccine up here as well.

The Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines are both two-dose shots with Pfizer being administered 21 days apart and Moderna being administered 28 days apart. As of April 13, the CDC and FDA have paused the administration of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as there have been six reported cases of severe blood clotting in individuals who had recently received the J&J vaccine.

As the booth concluded NDSU’s Public Health Week, Johnson, Soliman, Ismail and Shyllon all reflected on whether they felt that the week informed people about public health while also highlighting how important community is. Shyllon explained that the events which included a seminar, a group yoga session and public health bingo in addition to the pop-up booth created intimacy and that sense of community they were hoping for.

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