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Comeback Kid Comes Back

comeback kid
Punk rock outfit Comeback Kid set to play Fargo concert on April 30th.

Comeback Kid will be returning to Fargo for a concert Saturday at The New Direction venue.

The last time Comeback Kid was in Fargo was more than four years ago, so this time they will be playing new songs from their most recent releases, including an album they produced in the meantime. However, old hits will definitely make the set list to please long-time fans.

The hardcore punk band first made a mark on the punk scene in 2000 when two boys from Winnipeg, Manitoba, came together with a passion for rock. Originally, this musical endeavor was only planning on being a side gig for some of the artists involved, but it stepped up front and center once the duo’s popularity spread through word of mouth within the punk scene.

Their first full length album “Turn It Around” came out in 2003, and they began touring North American cities and European locations as well. They made appearances at several high profile hardcore festivals, like Hellfest and the Posi Numbers festival. Their electric vibes and dedicated performances established them on the punk rock scene as a band that would not go away soon.

Eleven years later in 2014, the band released their fifth studio album “Die Knowing” with just as much energy in their songs and performances as expected. This last album makes clear that Comeback Kid is always looking to push the boundaries of hardcore punk, with a sound that is somehow both timeless and revolutionary at the same time.

This upcoming concert will also feature smaller bands like Exalt, Baltic to Boardwalk, Swing Low and Crab Legs. All of these bands fit within the loud, diehard demeanor that Comeback Kid likes to portray at their live shows. The amalgamation of all these bands’ aggressive presentation and deafeningly pleasurable jams should make this a weekend you will neither forget nor hear about (due to partial hearing loss).

The concert starts at 5:30 p.m. with the doors opening at 5. Tickets are $12 to purchase them in advance and $15 at the door of The New Direction.

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