coldplay, bruno mars, and beyonce

Coldplay, Bruno in Formation Behind Queen B

coldplay, bruno mars, and beyonce
Coldplay was the main act at this year’s Super Bowl but were in the
shadow of Beyoncé and Bruno Mars.

Despite the Super Bowl being one of the most important sporting events of the year, many only tune in to watch the commercials and the halftime show.

This year’s show included a lot of solid performances from A-listers and band geeks alike, but the headliner itself was definitely overshadowed.

When Coldplay was announced to be the headliners in December, there were mixed feelings.

However, it was then announced that past performers Beyoncé and Bruno Mars would be joining the alternative band, giving the fans what they want by including powerful pop icons. Yet it also gave the fans very little diversity from what they’ve seen before.

The show started off with Coldplay singing one of its hits while hundreds of fans wearing black ran around and surrounded the stage. Coldplay continued by singing a few more songs while girls with flowers danced around the field and colors were cascaded everywhere.

Once Coldplay had finished its third song, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars performed “Uptown Funk” with limited vocals, a precise marching band and a lot of dancing.

Anticipation built as Beyoncé loomed offstage. She lived up to the hype, singing her newest song “Formation,” which just came out the day before the Super Bowl.

Beyoncé began her second Super Bowl performance on the field with several identical dancers flawlessly backing her up. The choreography, vocals and beat were all very impressive and definitely picked up the lagging performance.

Once Beyoncé and Bruno Mars had a boys/girls dance off, the performance had gained much needed momentum, electrifying the stadium. From my vantage point on the couch, the girls bested the boys with their superior dancing abilities, but immediately after the dancing competition Coldplay joined the duo for a reprise of Uptown Funk.

To end the performance, all three entertainers sang a rendition of “Fix You” while visions of past Super Bowl performances were shown. Images of Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and Bruce Springsteen along with others flashed across the screen, making viewers nostalgic for past Super Bowls.

Children crowded the stage at the very end, further driving home the theme of celebrating the past, present and future of music.

At the end of the day the performance was good, but Coldplay’s part in it was not memorable. In the future, all that will be remembered is the pop star dance off and the announcement of Beyoncé’s world tour at the end.

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