Club Spotlight: HDFS

HDFS, or Human Development and Family Science, is an “interdisciplinary major focusing on the health and development of individuals across their lifespan within the context of diverse families and social identities.”

The HDFS Club’s purpose is to “promote educational and professional development among students and faculty through participation in professional conferences, field trips, guest speakers, and volunteer and community involvement.” This club also helps current students to get in touch with outside resources for employment and internship opportunities. There are currently over 100 active members at NDSU due to the many benefits this club provides.

Joining the HDFS club will open doors to career and student opportunities that carry into post-graduation. “You’ll develop strengths and skills that could have a positive and broad influence as you enter the workplace such as learning about yourself; gaining a sense of community; being a voice; gaining soft skills such as a positive attitude, ethics, and communication; learn to function in a team; be able to network; engage with diverse groups of people; gain leadership skills; expand your resume; and as well as making changes by empowering the community.”

Some activities that you will be able to participate in through your involvement in the HDFS Club are paid internships along with volunteer work in your area of study or interest.

According to HDFS Club Volunteer and Fundraising Coordinator, Barbara Augustino, “The mission of the Human Development and Family Science Club is to provide students with a comprehensive, integrated knowledge of families and individuals across the lifespan as appropriate preparation for careers in human services and/or graduate study, and to conduct research on the variety of factors and contexts relevant to human and family development.

The goal of the Department is to enhance the quality of life for individuals of all ages through teaching, research, and service in a manner consistent with the University’s land grant mission.  The Department also serves as a resource base for citizens of North Dakota in the area of individual and family life.  The Department recognizes the importance of an ecological approach to the study of human development and families. 

Therefore, a systematic approach is utilized in teaching, research, and service.  Interactions of individuals and families with the economic, political, judicial, religious, and educational systems are emphasized.  The Department encourages active involvement in professional organizations to enhance its role in the University, community, state, and nation.”

To make a long story short, this club enhances the best of the HDFS Department’s goals and purpose and helps students become more involved in this industry.

The HDFS Club can also be a fun way to meet new people. Augustino elaborated on her favorite part of HDFS Club with, “My favorite memory from HDFS Club was engaging, meeting, and recruiting new students during the “HDFS Fall Kick Off” the event last year of 2022.  Students were very enthusiastic and the club has gained more than 50 new members!”

The HDFS Club has started a fundraiser that will last from April 7 to June 6 with the “Tidal Wave Auto Spa”.  The purpose of the fundraising is to increase the club’s vitality within the community. The funds will be donated towards research efforts within the Human Development & Family Science Department. You can use use the link below to get a car wash of $30.00 at the rate of $20.00.

The link can be used by any person at any Tidal Wave Auto Spa within the United States:

There are also QR codes found within most of the departments on the NDSU campus.  Feel free to ask or grab one at the counter.

To get in involved with the HDFS Club or if you have any questions, you can contact President Bre Steen-Caulkins at, Club and Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator Barbara Augustino at, or Treasurer Kenzie Jacques at

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