Clothes can make a change: Wearing purple to support DVAM

In support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, students promote resources on campus

Photo Courtesy | NDSU

Students and faculty are wearing purple on the North Dakota State University campus in support of Domestic Violence Awareness, or DVAM. Purple Thursday is occurring on October 20 in correlation with DVAM. The Violence Prevention Educators promote this national event on NDSU campus to share resources and education surrounding Domestic Violence.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month started in 1987 and became an annual event occurring every October. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, or the NCADV, “Over the past 30+ years, much progress has been made to support domestic violence victims and survivors, to hold abusers accountable, and to create and update legislation to further those goals.”

NDSU provides resources for students experiencing Domestic Violence. “Part of my role at NDSU is to work with students who have experienced power based personal violence including dating/domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and sexual harassment,” said Megan Talcott, the sexual assault prevention and advocacy coordinator at NDSU.

On October 12, the Violence Prevention Educators hosted a “Purple Thursday Craft Night” for those to prepare for Purple Thursday. This event allowed students to make their own button or jewelry item to wear on Thursday. 

The Violence Prevention Educators are an on campus organization that holds events to spread awareness. According to the NDSU peer education page, “the campus community on awareness and prevention of power based personal violence with an emphasis on sexual violence, dating violence and stalking.”

The Violence Prevention Educators hold events such as Take Back the Night, as well as events centered around  Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. They also spread awareness throughout campus. According to the NDSU Peer Education page, Violence Prevention Educators, “attend regular training to be able to lead conversations on topics including consent, healthy relationships, and sexual assault.”

“Domestic violence is still prevalent in communities and survivors or people still experiencing DV often feel alone or isolated,” said Talcott. According to the NCAVD, in North Dakota almost 30 percent of women and 20 percent of men experience “intimate partner physical violence, intimate partner sexual violence and/or intimate partner stalking in their lifetimes.” 

“#Every1KnowsSome1 is the 2022 DVAM theme from The National Network to End Domestic Violence. Domestic violence is still prevalent in communities and survivors or people still experiencing DV often feel alone or isolated,” said Talcott. 

NDSU and organizations provide resources to those who have experienced Domestic Violence. According to the Sexual Assault Prevention and Advocacy webpage, “regardless of your decision there are people at NDSU who care and are committed to supporting survivors and working toward a campus free from violence.”

Purple Thursday is an annual event that takes place around the country to raise awareness. It is an opportunity to show a person’s commitment to ending domestic violence. 

The community of Fargo also provides resources for people who have experienced Domestic Violence. The Rape and Abuse Crisis Center (RACC) offers counseling and education. The YWCA of Cass/Clay is an emergency shelter, food pantry and supportive housing for women and families leaving dating or domestic violence. 

Domestic Violence Awareness Month, “is a time to listen and raise up the voices and experiences of survivors of dating and domestic violence, especially marginalized voices like LGBTQ, BIPOC, or disabled survivors,” said Talcott. She also shares that it is a time to look at the signs of Domestic Violence and action. 

To learn more about resources click here. 

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