Change is hard

Without it, we would never grow

Riley Dorau | Photo Courtesy

The saying, “nothing lasts forever” has more depth and seems to ring more true the older we get. The idea seems insignificant but the challenge is accepting that concept once it is something you wish would have been permanent.

The proposal of change can seem rewarding but the process of it is difficult. The reason being it can interrupt comfortability in life. 

Change comes in all forms; from as simple as waking up earlier to as complex as the loss of a loved one. Some change hurts, while others heal. 

I do not have an exact answer on how to adapt to change since it is inevitable, and most of the time unexpected, but what I can say is it makes us who we are. The transformation of ourselves is unattainable without change. 

It is our duty as humans to acknowledge the change in life. Take time to look at the new house on your street or record your younger sibling learning how to ride their bike for the first time. 

An entrepreneur, Jim Rohn, once said, “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” Despite the difficulty that comes with change, without it, we would never grow.

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