Caravan to Nowhere

Citizens protesting Trumps response to the caravan.

When talking about immigration, Colby Warzecha, vice president of College Democrats at North Dakota State, said Americans have turned on what used to be a celebrated heritage of immigrants looking for a better life. Warzecha cited the coming of the Mayflower, which is still celebrated by the Thanksgiving holiday, as proof of his comment.

In regards to how President Trump has handled the situation, Warzecha said he believes it is an overreaction. First with the threats of sanctions of any Latin American country letting the caravan through and again with the threat of the use of military force on the U.S.-Mexico border.

“They wouldn’t need to come here if they didn’t feel at risk in their home country. It’s clearly worth the chance (to them),” Warzecha said.

Warzecha continued to elaborate by stating that there should be more understanding for these people who are making their way to the U.S. out of concern for their safety and that the president shouldn’t treat them as inherently dangerous people.

Cale Dunwoody, president of NDSU College Republicans, noted that President Trump has always been tough on border security and immigration, saying that he believes that President Trump has only good intention with his actions.

Ultimately, Dunwoody advocates that all these people undergo the same process toward citizenship that any immigrant would face, and if that means it will take a while, then they may simply have to wait.

“What I do not want to do is just give them all asylum,” as it would hurt those immigrants who underwent the process of coming to the country legally, according to Dunwoody.

“They wouldn’t need to come here if they didn’t feel at risk in their home country. It’s clearly worth the chance (to them).” – Colby Warzecha, VP of  NDSU College Democrats

Though Dunwoody does see a benefit to letting in some, even the majority of the migrants, he is hesitant to let them all into the U.S., noting that among thousands of people there must be a handful that should not be allowed into the country.

Dunwoody also noted the economic impacts, saying that, as there are many open jobs in North Dakota, it may be beneficial to North Dakota to have immigrants move up north and fill some of those positions, but for other states that may not be the case.

“Do your homework. Look at both sides of an issue,” Dunwoody said, noting that nothing is black and white.

Thomas Ambrosio is a professor of criminal justice and political science, and one of his main areas of interest is international politics. Ambrosio said the caravan “is very much a political issue a domestic political issue.”

“Do your homework. Look at both sides of an issue.” – Cale Dunwoody, President of NDSU College Republicans

For the Republicans, the caravan is great optics, according to Ambrosio. “You’re starting to see the Democratic Party shift further and further to the left on immigration,” Ambrosio said, “talking about getting a rid of ICE, talking about open borders, along with essentially unfettered immigration.”

The Republican strategy for the midterms should be to draw moderates to their side using the issue of immigration, according to Ambrosio.

This issue is a Republican winner because of its imminent danger. Ambrosio said Republicans can say: “You see this is why we need stronger borders. We’re going to be letting in thousands and thousands at a time, that is being unchecked.”

The Republicans can point out the fact that Democrats are trying to dismantle immigration systems with the supposed threat looming, according to Ambrosio. “Every politician, every spin master, all that is trying to do the exact same thing, trying to shift public attention away from things that are bad for them into things that are good for them.”

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