I Can’t ‘Feel The Bern’ Without You ‘Making America Great Again’

FLICKR.COM Gage Skidmore PHOTO COURTESY | Donald Trump's supporters and Bernie Sander's supports must find common ground.
Donald Trump’s supporters and Bernie Sander’s supports must find common ground.

Donald Trump is not the enemy that we want him to be.

Rather the enemy is ourselves.

I am in no way supporting Trump. What I am saying though is that Trump is not the biggest threat to our democracy.

No matter how much a future with Trump in the White House worries me, I see something that has the potential to be even worse for all of us.

We must ask ourselves a few questions. How do we treat the other political party’s supporters? Are we rude? Do we disregard their ideas, and opinions as just the rantings of an idiot, or maybe immaturity? Is this how we are going to learn? Is this how we are going to “Make America great again”? Or how we are going to “feel the Bern?”

No. We can’t do either one of those things without the other half. If we only work to demonize a segment of the population, we will never have their support.

This is what my biggest fear is: that we will not be able to learn from the other side. People have their own reasonings, which we must respect. Instead of just making them the enemy, why not try to learn from them?

This is how we are the enemy. The enemy to anything actually changing within this country. We can complain, no doubt. We are good at this. We can even be mad when Trump says something crazy, but until we both come down from our clouds, we will never solve the issues at hand.

Trump supporters, I do not understand why you would want to support Mr. Trump, as I am for sure you don’t understand why I would want to support a democratic socialist.

So why not, instead of hurling insults, posting stupid internet comments and disregarding each other, why not actually get these answers out? Why not actually talk to the other party’s supporter?

I don’t know everything, and unless you are really unique, you don’t know everything as well. This is probably one of your first times voting for president. I know I want to be as knowledgeable as I can.

Where Trump might want to build walls between the U.S. and Mexico, it is our job as the youth of this great nation to break down the walls they are building between us.

By the term “they” I mean Bernie, Trump, Vermin Supreme — whoever you have winning the white house.

It is only then that we can actually progress. It is only then when we can learn why the other side thinks the way it does. It is only then when we are adults, and not children. Politics is a fun thing. It is meant to be a challenging, demanding task to keep up with it all. Allow the other side to challenge you, and instead of hiding behind a computer, please, please, please, engage in constructive dialogue.

We have important issues at hand: gay rights, women’s rights, racial tension, economic inequality and many more. I’d like to solve it with you, instead of trying to solve you.

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