Campus streaming service offers students living on campus new way to stream shows and movies

NDSU Residence Life | Photo Courtesy
NDSUTV allows users to watch live TV or stream it anywhere

The streaming service offers students two ways to access shows and movies

Students living on campus now have a new streaming service offered to them. NDSUTV is available for students in residence halls and apartments to stream with campus WIFI.

“The streaming service offers a variety of different ways to stream the channel, live TV whenever you are on campus, a recording feature and the Campus Life Channel where you can access advertisements for NDSU’s campus,” Hannah Jarovski, the Student Ambassador for NDSUTV, said.

Jarovski explained that Channel 2.1, the Campus Life Channel, keeps students updated on what’s happening on campus. The advertisements shown are posted by different organizations while students and organizations affiliated with NDSU can submit advertisements by going to

Throughout the semester, the Campus Life Channel also hosts a variety of contests with prizes including Amazon gift cards, coupons and t-shirts. The contests are submitted through a link on Channel 2.1 and on NDSUTV’s Instagram page where students can also check out everything happening on the channel.

“We encourage students to let us know if they’re hosting watch parties using NDSUTV so we can highlight them on our social media and Channel 2.1 itself.”

The recording feature gives students two options to choose including recording one episode or the entire series. The streaming service also allows users to record up to 20 hours of shows and movies.

“The nice thing is it keeps track of the percentage of storage you have left and after you watch a recorded episode, you can delete it to provide more storage.”

Even when a student is not on campus, the content will continue to record, but students must be on campus to watch. “It is a perk of living in the campus residence halls and apartments,” Jarovski added.

NDSUTV can be streamed on iPhones and iPads by downloading the Stream2 app on the Apple App Store and on Android devices by downloading the Apogee Stream2 app on the Android App Store.

It can also be streamed using a web browser with the link and on Roku, Apple TV or the Amazon Fire Stick by using the app Apogee Stream2. Google Chromecast, Chromebooks and Vizio SmartCasts aren’t supported by NDSUTV.

Students can also use a coaxial cable cord in order to get cable and the ability to use NDSUTV. However, the coaxial cable option is not available for students living in University Village as they’ll only have access through Stream2.

Any questions about NDSUTV or about submitting content to Channel 2.1 can be sent to “We also encourage student feedback on what we can do to improve NDSUTV.”

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