Camp Forever Alonetree

701 Eateries to host new Valentine’s Day event

On Monday, February 13 from 6 to 11 PM, 701 Eateries will be hosting Camp Forever Alonetree, an event where all singles can come and celebrate the joys of being single.

Jerrica Johnston of 701 Eateries explained, “The dating scene in Fargo is struggling with multiple factors such as the weather, catfishing on dating apps, and lack of unique gatherings/events to attend.

The idea initially came to action in early January while staff members were discussing their Valentine’s Day plans or lack thereof, and wanted to create an opportunity to bring people, regardless of their relationship status, together.”

A few ways attendees will get to celebrate and get to know each other are through speed-dating, a pop-up tattoo artist, and a “burn your ex” firepit!

In regards to this fun-named fire pit, 701 Eateries’ very own cook and mastermind behind the event, Jamie Schultz said, “The coming of spring is all about letting go, the snow starts to melt, New Year’s resolutions start coming into play, and with that, it’s important to remember to let go of the past and keep our focus moving forward.

Burning your ex is about acknowledging the past and enabling yourself to move on. We will have a pit in the parking lot for burning old love letters, photographs, or mementos. Consider letting go of your past as an entry to new opportunities.”

A little fire to burn the heartache away

If you are unable to attend this year, don’t worry as Addy Kollman, 701 Eateries’ Event Coordinator, announced, “This is something we are hoping to be an annual event, with hopes of growing with the entire building of 701 being in use.”

The only requirements for this event are that you must be at least 21 years old and RSVP on their website. They will be serving a special Camp Lonetree menu that night along with mocktails and cocktails.

T-shirts are available for pre-sale at $25 upon your RSVP, and you can pick them up at the event.

701 Eateries is located at 701 North University Drive in Fargo. If you’re looking for a way to meet new people and get a good laugh in before the dreaded Valentine’s Day, make sure to RSVP for Camp Forever Alonetree!

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