Calling all writers

  • SLUG: Variety
  • DOP: 9/1
  • HED: Calling all Writers
  • SUBHED: A look inside the Variety section of the NDSU Spectrum
  • BYLINE: Courtney Entzi
  • BYTITLE: Variety Editor
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  • CRED:  na
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Welcome to the Variety section. My name is Courtney and this is my second semester as the Variety Editor. I am very excited to be back writing and working for the NDSU Spectrum this semester and I hope you will consider joining our team as well.

The Variety section is made up of an abundance of fun and exciting articles from feature stories to reviews on things like restaurants, music, books, movies and more. You can decide what you write and how much, making the Spectrum a great side hustle for all you busy bees. 

I am very passionate about getting my writers work published in our paper and making sure they are writing rewarding pieces that interest them. If you are interested in writing for my section or learning more you can email me at

The NDSU Spectrum staff is made up of wonderfully inviting and inclusive members who would love to both teach and learn from the skills you have to offer. I am always looking for new writers and would love to have you on my team!

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