Bresciani vs. Lance in the NFL draft

John Swanson | Photo Courtesy
Dean Bresciani rumored to be able to throw a football over them mountains.

Dean Bresciani is bringing his skills to the gridiron

Trey Lance’s pro day was a success. Scouts from teams around the NFL showed up to Fargo to see the small-town quarterback. He made a splash with his athleticism and moved up the draft board.

It was a proud moment for all of NDSU, but someone enjoyed the pro day a little too much. After watching Trey Lance’s success, Dean Bresciani decided to try his hand at a couple of drills.

Our campus president was so impressed with his results, that he declared for the NFL draft. Of course, he’ll be entering as a quarterback. Let’s see a breakdown of NDSU’s newest draft prospect

Bresciani wants to be rivaling the success of Lance, but I don’t see that happening. I’m thinking Bresciani will fall to the third or fourth round. Bresciani’s strong suit isn’t his physical skills, but his intelligence.

He’s one of the best in the draft at calling audibles at the line and recognizing the defense. Coach Entz has said he has full trust in Bresciani making calls when the game comes down to the line.

Bresciani’s more of a pocket passer, and you can trust him to make a play down the field. However, his mobility is a little bit lacking. He’ll need to go to a team with a strong o-line like the one at NDSU to keep him comfortable.

An insider from the Patriots organization has leaked that Bill Belichick has expressed interest in picking up Dean. The Pats would be a great fit for Bresciani. He could spend a year under Cam Newton and learn the ropes. It also helps that Belichick usually has strong o-lines.

Bresciani has the intelligence to handle Belichick’s complex system and could be the answer to replacing Tom Brady. The Patriots have the 23rd pick in the third round (96th overall) as well as the 15th pick in the fourth (120th overall). I would expect him to go to one of these spots.

Otherwise, look for the Chicago Bears or the New Orleans Saints to pick up our campus president.

Good luck on draft day Trey Lance and Dean Bresciani!

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