Fargo Fashion| Breaking Your Spring Style Out in Snow

Summer is state of mind … that is truer than ever at the moment. As April comes around, everyone gets excited to start wearing their spring/summer pieces, but what if the weather will not allow for it? Right now it is still snowing and cold, so here are some ideas you can use to start wearing your spring pieces while the weather tries to say otherwise.

1. Wear a dress with jeans

Leggings and tights are typical layering pieces to pair with dresses; try switching it up. Putting skinny jeans under a dress is interesting and will keep you warm.

If your dress is a darker color, I would suggest layering light wash jeans. iI your dress is a lighter color, layer dark wash jeans.

2. Colored jewelry

Add a fun pop of color to your look by accessorizing with fun jewelry.

A fun jewelry trend that is up and coming is tassel earrings. You can find these on Amazon, at Target or even Forever 21. They come in a range of colors and add color to your look, which will scream springtime.

Another jewelry look that is awesome for spring is layering colored bracelets. You can usually find them in packs for a low cost.

3. Jackets

When you are looking to wear your favorite springtime pieces before the weather allows for it, the best solution is jackets. A winter coat does not complement spring looks very well, so here are a couple of ideas you can use when you are trying to stay warm in spring clothing.

Throw a cardigan over your dress or tank and then add a denim or leather jacket over the top. This layering will keep you looking warm and fashionable.

Another trendy way to wear a jacket is the teddy coat. These warm, fuzzy coats have been all the rage this season and can be paired with just about anything. H&M, Forever 21 and I.AM.GIA are brands that carry great options for teddy coats.

4. Rain boots

Rain boots are a great way to incorporate a spring piece into your outfit while there is still snow on the ground. You can find them in a range of prices and colors.

Since rain boots are trendy in season, you can find them just about everywhere. The very popular Hunter rain boots are actually doing a design collaboration with Target so you will be able to find Hunter boots at a much more affordable price.

You can pair rain boots with anything from a fun floral dress with tights to jeans and a sweater.

5. Socks and sandals

Yes, you read that right. Socks and sandals are a huge trend right now, and it is an easy look to pull off. For a more relaxed look, pair a fun pair of socks with slide sandals.

You can find awesome socks for this look on websites such as Urban Outfitters. They offer mesh, sparkly and sheer socks that are fun to pair with sandals.

For a more dressed up, look pair sparkly or sheer socks with a pair of wedges. This looks best if the shoes do not have a toe separator. This look is unique and will be sure to keep those toes of yours warm.

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