Blue Trees and Green Prariegrass

Reminiscent of fabric patterns or maybe the artwork of another culture, the drawings of Carolyn Hausladen combine natural imagery with familiar patterns. Polka dots decorate the tops of mushrooms, geometric shapes adorn mountains and paisleys pattern flowers.

“I’m interested in nature imagery and patterns and designs,” Hausladen, senior BFA candidate, said. “For this body of work, I combined nature and patterns, like polka dots and paisley prints. I really wanted to demonstrate their intersection, and how the patterns we use are inspired by nature.”

The senior majoring in art with a minor in anthropology is one of four students participating in the Fall 2016 Baccalaureate Exhibition at the Memorial Union Gallery. Her four pieces are all a connected piece of a colorful landscape combining flowers, trees and even a mountain.

It originally started as one mural-like piece, but Hausladen later decided to split it into four, separate drawings.

Her color choice is specific. Hausladen is especially drawn to Scandinavian cultures, so the reds, blues and yellows are all happy and bright. This also adds some color to a drab, winter skyline.

“I like happy colors. I know I basically only wear black, but I like happy colors,” she laughed.

The Minnesota native decided to combine her love of culture with her love of art in her schooling. She hopes to pursue a job in interior design. Her work, along with the other BFA candidates work, will be on display until Dec. 8 in the MU Gallery.

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