Bison Football Fan Guide

By 2:30 p.m. Saturday, the population of North Dakota State will have doubled. A full house is expected for the Bison’s home opener against Cal Poly. While the experience can be overwhelming for a new student, here is a guide to get through game day.

Do: Get in line early

For NDSU students, entry into the Fargodome is through the South doors. Doors open 90 minutes before kickoff, so 1 p.m. Saturday. However, students looking for great seats close to the field will want to get in line early. Maybe an hour or two, or if you are a bit crazy, overnight. For those who are going to have a friend waiting in line, it is also nice to bring them some food as a thank you.

Don’t: Save too many seats

One of the most annoying things that happens after entering the Fargodome is finding that someone is saving a full row of seats with just two people. I’m not saying that you could just easily ruin their plans by sliding into those seats; I’m just saying conflict may arise. A good rule of thumb for saving seats before the game is to have half the people present. That way, by sitting every-other seat, people will see just single seats available and move on. Also, moving your late, large group higher up is also a good idea.

Do: Be ready to stand for the full game

As the student section, you are supposed to be the loudest part of the stadium. Opposing coaches often cite the noise and the energy of the Fargodome as a reason why it is so hard to play in Fargo. That energy starts in the student section. From dances to overall silliness, standing allows for these activities to come easily. Also, it allows for a bit better view of the game.

Don’t: Be ready to sit in Section 16

Formerly, students could sit in sections 10-16. This year, however, Section 16 has been taken over for season ticket holders. Thus, students will only have the three sideline sections closest to the end zone this year. Hopefully this will mean that more fans will stay longer in the stadium this year.

Do: Expect to not have a voice

It has already been established that the Fargodome is a loud place. In fact, the noise levels float around 100 dB when the opposing offense is on the field. That means screaming and yelling for no other reason than to make noise. A good rule of thumb, if you still have a voice in the fourth quarter, you are not yelling loud enough.

Don’t: Make noise when during pre-snap offense

Football Fans 101 dictates that when the home team is on offense and lining up the play, the stadium is silent. It is pretty easy to do as it means not doing anything. Allow Easton Stick and Co. to set up the play and dissect the defense in silence.

Do: Be ready to wait to get inside

Since last year, the Fargodome has added 30 metal detectors, which will slow down the process of getting into the stadium. Fans will be asked to remove cellphones, cameras, sunglasses cases and other large objects. The long lines to get in are going to be a bit longer this year.

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